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Sign up here to put your character up for bidding at this weekend's date auction!

There are THREE OPTIONS for sign-ups:
✦ They are signed up by the game and you can write a sales pitch for them OOCly.
✦ They sign up themselves and write a sales pitch for themself ICly.
Someone else signs them up! In which case—please make arrangements OOCly with the other player and have that player write the sales pitch their character would provide!

Image links are encouraged! Costumes may happen spontaneously if you wish; Lorelei likes her pool parties to have proper attire...

Character: Their name.
Team: Their team.
Signed Up By: Either the game, themselves, or another character, as laid out above.
Sales Pitch: Make the character sound worth bidding on!

Have your sign-ups submitted by 8pm EST on Friday, August 29th.
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Comment here with your character's results for the game! Choose the correct header and put your character's name in the subject. Turn-in is due by 9pm EST on Wednesday, July 2nd.

People Kissed: List the names and usernames of everyone your character initiated a kiss with for the game, along with the number of the method they used to woo them first. You do not need to link threads. Unfinished threads are fair game, so long as a courtship method has been clearly selected by this point.
Favorite Courtship Attempt: This is optional. If any other characters who kissed your character (aside from their own teammates, for heroes) particularly impressed them with a great courtship attempt (whether it was the correct method or not), you may list one or two here.

Optional turn-in for legacy characters and Personae: Reply to this thread with just the one or two characters whose courtship attempts most impressed your character.
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Before you top-level on a game post, leave a comment here selecting what method, of the five available, your character wishes to be wooed by. This does not affect whether kisses happen or not, as explained in the instructions; what it does determine is scoring after the game is done. I will not be checking this post until after the game, so be good. Participating legacies and Personae, please fill out a comment here as well.

Keep your chosen courtship method a secret ICly and OOCly until the end of the game!

Methods for courting your character
[1] Read them poetry or sing them a song.
[2] Invite them for a dance.
[3] Give them flowers.
[4] Promise to do something extraordinary for them, whether you follow up on it or not.
[5] Compliment them lavishly.

Character: Their name (both canon and Aather if necessary).
Username: What it says.
Method: The number of the method they've chosen.


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